Pure Water Reach & Wash Technology

Commercial Window Cleaning At Eclipse Cleaning Services we use a system for cleaning windows called the Pure Water Reach & Wash System, because of recent Health and Safety legislation change, the use of ladders for cleaning windows is now cost prohibitive ,as well as being dangerous, so our Pure Water Reach & Wash System provides a very cost effective alternative.

The Pure Water Reach & Wash System utilises reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100% pure water. When used to clean windows, solar panels, and other cleanable surfaces, the de-mineralised water will strive to return to its natural pure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals, minerals and grime attached to the surfaces.

This system enables the operator to work safely from ground level, and enables us to reach heights of up to 60ft, previously inaccessible.

Traditional Window Cleaning

This method of cleaning windows is now only used to clean internal windows, partitions and ground floor glazing. Call us now for your free quotation to keep your office windows looking bright and clean.

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